Never Fades - Baseball

Surprise your family members with this engraved baseball ball on any special occasion.

I hope you know just how wonderful you are. You're someone with a heart of gold. You're the sun that never fades. Lighten up, just enjoy life smile more, laugh more. Remember to never give up, never look down, never look back. I'll always be here & have your back no matter what.
Love, dad"

This product possesses a leathery look of the real leather baseball but is much squishier and softer than the real one! 
Hand-stitched with care creating delicate seams and not easy to be peeled.
High-quality crystal-clear printing messages that won't crack, fade, or peel and can show how much you care! 


- Material: PVC - environmentally friendly leather
- Regulation size ball: 
+ Diameter: 2 78 inches
+ Circumference: 9 inches
- Rubber core