A Fantastic Mom - Moon Lamp

Brighten up your mom's room with this stunning Engraving Apogee Moon lamp!

"To my mom,
When I count my blessing, I count you twice.
It’s hard growing up without a father, but it’s easy when I have a fantastic mom who plays both roles. You dream great dreams for me, but then you let me chase the dreams I have for myself. Even when you were strict with me I could always feel your love. Because of you, I am who I am today.
I love you, your daughter."


Unique and lovely printed words
Two-color modes Warm yellow & Lunar white
Made by 3D printing techniques layer by layer stack for the real appearance of the moon
Rechargeable battery and USB charging 
Eco-friendly material - PLA
Lighting time up to 12 hours on a charge 
Diameter size: 15 cm ~ 5.9 inch
Package includes: Moon lamp, USB charging cable, and Solid wood scaffold