To Be A Veteran - Flask

Great gift idea for your man with this stunning engraved leather wrapped hip flask set.
Minimalist and convenient for outdoor activities.
High-quality stainless steel and soft leather-wrapped with cotton stitch detailing and its robust stainless steel screw-down, hinged cap.
Gift box option for any special occasion.

"I am a grumpy veteran. I served, I sacrificed, I don't regret. I am not a hero, not a legend. My oath of enlistment has no expiration date. I have anger issues & a serious dislike for stupid people. I am proud to be a veteran if this offends you, I don't care"


Material: stainless steel, leather
Flask size: 4.92"x3.74"x0.87"
Flask capacity: 7 oz
Package included: 1 hip flask, 2 stainless shot glasses and 1 pouring funnel