How to Identify Genuine Leather

I. The difference between real leather and artificial leather:

1, The appearance:
The shape of the dermis is irregular, thick and uneven, and its surface tends to be more or less light or heavy. There are some natural defects, the surface is smooth and meticulous, and the whole face leather has obvious pores and patterns. Real leather is generally velvet, and the artificial leather is uniform in thickness, smooth in surface, without natural defects, and its pores and patterns are also very uniform. There is generally no pile in the leather.

2, The touch:
Real leather feels elastic, the leather will be bent downwards about 90 degrees, there will be natural folds, the thickness of the folds produced by bending different parts are obviously uneven, basically can be identified It's leather, because real leather has a natural unevenness and fibrous structure.
Therefore, the formation of the wrinkle pattern also has obvious unevenness, and the artificial leather feels like plastic, and the resilience is poor.

3, Smell odor:
Real leather has a very strong fur smell, even after treatment, the taste is more obvious. The artificial leather products have the taste of plastic and have no fur.

II. How to distinguish real leather and artificial leather

1, Combustion identification:

When burning real leather, we mainly smell odor and look at the ash state, the dermis will emit a burning smell of hair when burned, the burned ash is generally brittle into powder. For artificial leather, after burning, the flame is also more prosperous, shrinking quickly, and there is a smell of plastic that is hard to smell. It is sticky after burning, and it will harden into a block after cooling.

2, Drip identification:

Prepare a bowl of water, take out an abandoned chopstick to take water, drop a drop on the leather, let stand for a minute, then look at the water absorption, if the water drops completely disappear, it is real leather, because the water absorption is relatively strong, and if the water absorption is not strong, it may be artificial leather.