Beyond Perfect - Led Frame

Surprise your loved ones with the lovely, meaningful, and touching illusion effect messages on this creative and captivating 3D Illusion LED Frame.
The ultra-modern and stunning light sculpture will transform your office, bedroom, or living room into a cozy space.
USB power adapter for connecting to home power socket or computer USB port.

"To my wife
When I say I love you more, I mean that I love you more than anyone could love another person. No matter how many years have passed in our marriage, there are two things that remained unchanged, your beauty in my eyes and the way I feel about you. Being your first love may be great, but to be your last is beyond perfect.
With love, Your husband"


- Material: Wood + Acrylic
- Light color: warm light
- Light source: LED Bulbs
- Capacity: 0-5W
- Working time: 20000h
- Led Frame size: 9x6.7x0.8 inches