Today And Tomorrow - Led Frame

Surprise your loved ones with the lovely, meaningful, and touching illusion effect messages on this creative and captivating 3D Illusion LED Frame.
The ultra-modern and stunning light sculpture will transform your office, bedroom, or living room into a cozy space.
USB power adapter for connecting to home power socket or computer USB port.

"To my wife,
I want you through and through yesterday, today, and tomorrow. Every day we're together is the greatest day of my life. Through the bad, the good & the ugly, we'll grow old together. Always remember whether happy, sad, or whatever, we'll still love each other forever and always. If I did anything right in my life, it was when I gave my heart to you. Love, your husband.


- Material: Wood + Acrylic
- Light color: warm light
- Light source: LED Bulbs
- Capacity: 0-5W
- Working time: 20000h
- Led Frame size: 9x6.7x0.8 inches