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To find the most suitable presents for your dad, first of all, you should read the historical facts about this meaningful day to understand its spirit and inspiration.

Spending time with your parents always is the best quality time

What is Father's Day

Americans celebrate Father’s Day on the third Sunday of every June. This holiday celebrates fathers and fatherhood in general, including father figures such as guardians and grandfathers. The occasion is marked by giving a gift to one’s father or spending time with him. It is a time set aside to value a father’s role in one’s life and to reflect upon paternal bonding.

Family gathering should be always held every weekend

There are no official ways to celebrate Father’s Day, but many children also celebrate with a video call, meal out, or family film days honoring all fathers within an extended family. This day is a busy one for restaurants. In the U.S., some wear a red rose to honor their father, but a white rose if he has passed away. Also most stores stock hundreds gift ranging from household tools, electronics, handmade and even souvenir items.

History of Father's Day

This holiday is the complement of Mother’s Day, which takes place in May. Father’s Day was established in early 20th century America to correspond with this celebration. The holiday was considered casually by many people, but the main innovator was Sonora Dodd. Dodd held the first significant Father’s Day celebration in Spokane, Washington in 1910, held at the Spokane YMCA center. Dodd’s own father fought in the Civil War and then raised six children on his own in Spokane. When Dodd listened to a Mother’s Day sermon at her church, she considered the absence of her own mother, who had died in childbirth delivering her sixth child, and her Father’s valiant efforts of raising the children on his own, believing there deserved to be a holiday honoring fathers.

The woman of culture

Several more celebrations were held in Spokane, but the tradition stopped when Dodd left for school in Chicago. When she returned, she took up holiday promotion, but this time nationally. Her strategic efforts included working with business groups that would profit from such a holiday, such as men’s clothing companies and tobacco companies. Many trades were seeing profits from Mother’s Day. However, commercial promotion of the holiday led to many believing it was shallow, as even Dodd’s Father’s Day Council was founded by the New York Associated Men’s Wear Retailers.

President Woodrow Wilson wished to make the holiday official, speaking at the 1916 celebration in Spokane, but its commercial nature caused Congress to not pass the bill. President Cooling also made an attempt. It was not until Margaret Chase Smith, a senator from Main, stated that it was unfair to honor mothers and not fathers in 1957. President Johnson finally issued a proclamation in 1966 and Nixon made the holiday official in 1972.

There must be a special day for mother and father

Fun facts relating to Father's Day

  • Here is some interesting facts about the Father’s Day around the world
  • While Mother’s Day holds the record for most phone calls, Father’s Day has the most collect calls
  • In America, observers spend over $1 billion every year buying gifts for their father.
  • Hallmark considers Father’s Day to be the fifth largest card giving holiday.
  • Children whose fathers are involved in their life in a beneficial way tend to do better in school and stay out of trouble.
  • Researchers polled over a thousand adults to find that 28% felt that their fathers had the most influence on their lives, 53% chose their mothers and 15% credited both parents the same amount.
  • About 80% of post WWII children grew up with two biological married parents.
  • 24 American children live without their biological father. This is about 35%.

Preparation for Father's Day

Nowadays, not only the American but the whole parts of the world is celebrating this meaningful day, even the East – South parts, in which mostly the religions varies from Buddhism, Muslim, ...

As the demands for gifts and ideas for this Father’s Day grows, some companies have taken serious steps to promote their products, even before 1 – 2 months, to make sure the customers satisfies with the diverse options they provided.

To have some fun ideas for the Father’s Day, I can surely choose to visit Pinterest as this website can collects hundreds of event, decoration and handmade gifts that every kids and mothers can try at home.

it's not hard to find best gift idea for your Father

For bigger scales, a souvenir gift will be appropriated. In my opinion, father’s gifts should be related to leather and wooden materials as these materials are strong and durable for last long usage, and showcase the classic, vintage and manly looks. A wooden watch with engraving service, for example, will be suitable for a surprised present.

Or you can take a look at this website to find unique gifts that do not appear somewhere else

Last but not least, hope you can find the best gifts for your Father’s Day and have a great time with your family.

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